Business Management Solutions

  • Analyse your  business/manufacturing problems and develop plans for performance improvements
  • Identify & Unlock the in herent opportunities in your establishment for its growth.

Project Management Consultancy

         To establish any manufacturing or business ventures ,an entrepreneur needs to proceed systematically from planning, market research, project identification, project  

Quality Management Consultancy

  • We help establishments to bring about a desired level of quality.In this regard we examine all the activities that are responsible for quality.
  • To establish a quality consultancy system & 

Marketing Management Consultancy

Technology Management Consultancy

Process Management Consultancy

    We provide consultancy in both the business and manufacturing processes including process re-design,product development and process audit.We analyse your processes identify its weaknesses/challen 

Rural Development & Management Consultancy

HRM Consultancy

  The most valued asset of any business is "the people working there",who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

   We cou 

Environment Management Services

Sustainable  development is the key to actual prosperity of human kind.Any development which is harmful to our environment(such as air and water) is damaging to the healthy existance of mankind.


Co-operative/Self Help Group Management Consultancy

Manez Management Technologies mission is to build co-operative organizations as professional enterprises through training,research and consultancy.

  • Marketing co-ops., processing co-ops, medical  

Finance Management Services

Office Management Services

Company Matters & Legal Solutions

Public Health Management Consultancy

Scheme Management

Rubber & Rubber Technology

Educational Consultancy